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Instagram Verification Service

Unable to get that coveted blue badge? We can help!

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“I used their verification service for my Real Estate Agency, and it wasn’t just the successful verification that blew me away. The PR I received on sites like Forbes and Entrepreneur was second to none. I was so impressed with the quality of the articles. Thank you!”

Allie Bogan

Let’s get you the perfect username!

Guaranteed Instagram Verification Service

Getting verified on social media adds a lot of credibility and authority to any profile. Many social networks have in-app submissions available for all users. But, with millions of people applying via it daily, the self-serve system usually doesn’t get results. If you’re unable to get verified via in-app submission, we can help! Our Instagram verification service gets your application a human review and thus skyrockets your chances at approval. Get your profile verified today!

How it Works

The process to claim an inactive TikTok username is simple & easy!



The username you’d like must be inactive for at least 1.5 years and be of 6 characters or more in length. Additionally, it cannot be a generic word or a noun like @pizza or @police.



To begin with, we’ll need your current and desired username. Based on this info, we’ll make an application with our media partner at Twitter.



Within a few days, the Twitter internal team will process your application and edit your current username to your desired one. And voila, your username is claimed!


All services are 100% guaranteed. You only pay for results.

Instagram Verification


No credit card required.

PR + IG for Individuals

Starting at $10,000

No credit card required.

PR + IG for Brands

Starting at $10,000

No credit card required.

Why Us?

100% Risk-Free. We guarantee all our services. You only pay for success and results!

World-class service. You’ll get dedicated managers to help you realize your branding goals.


Tailored to you. Individuals, influencers, brands, and agencies – we cater to them all.


Common Questions

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Contact us

Never. We do not require your login details for any of our services. All we need is your current and desired username.

No. Our service works by the legitimate application of claim requests to social media networks. We raise all our requests via professional mediums to respective social networks. This service is 100% risk-free.

For existing partners, we do not require an upfront payment. For new clients, we require a full upfront payment. Our site supports secured payment via VISA and MasterCard. Additionally, we also accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Is there any requirement for my current username?

No. Once we change your current username to your desired username, your login details will remain as is. Your followers, posts, bio – all will remain the same. Most importantly, we do not need or edit your login details in any way.

Yes. We can help to change the usernames of verified handles for Twitter profiles whilst keeping the badge intact. For more info please contact us.


A full refund is applicable if we are unable to deliver the service. However, once the service is rendered and the claim is completed, no refunds are applicable.

Let's Get Your Instagram Verified