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Claim Inactive Instagram Username

Have a desired username that is currently unavailable? We can assist!

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Although we owned a trademark patent, we were unable to claim ownership of our business username. Moreover, the login we sought was in an empty account. We contacted FL Communications based on a suggestion and received the desired username within one week.

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Let's choose the ideal username for you!

Get Inactive Instagram Username

Have a username that perfectly reflects your brand or personal identity? Looking for a username that corresponds to your brand and website? Is the username you want taken but inactive? We can aid you in claiming it! Obtain defunct Instagram accounts immediately with our username claim service.

How is our strategy?

It's quick and straightforward to claim an inactive Instagram username.



The desired username needs to be at least 6 characters long and haven't been used for at least 1.5 years. It also cannot be a noun or a generic word, such as @music or @beer.



We'll need your current and preferred usernames to get started. We'll submit an application to our media partner at Instagram based on this information.



Within a few days, the Instagram internal team will process your application and edit your current username to your desired one. And voila, your username is claimed!


All services are 100% guaranteed. You only pay for results.

Instagram Username Claims


No credit card required.

Service for Verified Username Change


No credit card required.

Unique and commonplace Usernames

Starting at $10,000

No credit card required.

Why Us?

100% Risk-Free. We stand by all of our services. You only pay for results and success!


Exemplary service! You will receive devoted managers to assist you in achieving your branding objectives.


Customized for you. Individuals, influencers, companies, and agencies are all catered to.


Common Questions

Can’t find your answer?
Contact us.

Never. We do not require your login details for any of our services. All we need is your current and desired username.

No. Our service works by the legitimate application of claim requests to social media networks. We raise all our requests via professional mediums to respective social networks. This service is 100% risk-free.

For existing partners, we do not require an upfront payment. For new clients, we require a full upfront payment. Our site supports secured payment via VISA and MasterCard. Additionally, we also accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Unfortunately, with these services, each social network has the last say. In the majority of instances, requests are granted, but occasionally a request is denied. Therefore, a full refund is payable in the event that a refund request is denied.

No. Once we change your current username to your desired username, your login details will remain as is. Your followers, posts, bio – all will remain the same. Most importantly, we do not need or edit your login details in any way.

Yes. We are able to assist with changing the verified Instagram handle of an existing account while maintaining the badge. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any more clarification.

If we are unable to deliver the service, we will provide a complete refund. However, after the service has been given and the claim is finalized, no refunds are eligible.

Let's Get You the Perfect Instagram Username