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Feature on the world's most prestigious news, make a mark on platforms like One Times Square and Stand Out with outdoor advertisements globally.

Elevate your brand in any country with prominent placements and differentiate with SEO Hack!

Digital Public Relations

Expanding the Reach of Turkey’s Health Tourism Sector Beyond Social Media

In Turkey, businesses, especially in the health tourism sector, often focus solely on social media advertisements. However, when communication strategies are approached from a 360-degree perspective, it becomes evident that communication is a much more effective tool. In this context, we aim to highlight the benefits of businesses offering cross-border healthcare services exploring the international PR arena and emphasizing the advantages this approach brings to your brand.

Outdoor Advertising

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Elevating Your Presence from Subway to Skyline!

As FL Communications, we aim to establish your brand's presence in multiple major metropolises and targeted regions across the global market. Let's showcase the prestige and strength of your brand in exclusive and distinguished spaces, notably in cities such as London and New York, two polar opposite metropolises, by featuring your brand in.

Influencer Services

Influencer Selection & Impact Analysis: Optimizing Global Brand Advocacy in Health Tourism"

It is important to globally promote your brand through influencer communication based on specific criteria in any country in the world, followed by creating a comprehensive report and analysis to evaluate the situation. Working with the right influencer enables your brand to have organically referenced patients established through a connection with the influencer, rather than solely acquiring patients through leads.

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Real & Organic Growth

Does it bother you that your followers don't pay attention to the things you post?

Allow us to assist you in reaching prospective audiences, customers, and fans. Acquire followers for any profile you like. Obtain followers who actually care about and enjoy your stuff. We promise there will be no giveaways or bots!

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Public Relations Service

Want to get published in reputable and prominent news outlets?

Straightforward editorial PR service that secures complete features on prominent websites. All articles are written by members of the staff or by contributors. There is no accesswire. There are no disclaimers or "sponsored" markings. Just pure quality public relations on authoritative websites that provide results.​

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70+ customers were serviced!​

Our clientele value our assurance of results. Listen what individuals are saying.

We have collaborated with them on social media verification situations, and they have consistently delivered. Happy we discovered FL Comm. and Furkan Lüleci.

Bilal Ozbilge

Numerous individuals claim to offer PR & verification services, but none of them produce results. In the midst of this persistent issue, I met FL Communications. ​

Ugur Aslan

In the past, I've worked with other social media marketing businesses, but these folks are the real deal!

Assoc. Dr. Emre Pabuccu

These professionals assisted me with my Instagram brand. Within a week, I received my chosen username and account verification.

Aka 7Even

Happiness Is Assured

100% Risk-Free. We stand by all of our services. You only pay for results and success!

Exemplary service! You will receive devoted managers to assist you in achieving your branding objectives.

Customized for you.  Individuals, influencers, companies, and agencies are all catered to.

Who's FL Comms?

We are a digital company that helps brands and individuals to represent themselves on social media. We like assisting businesses and individuals in finding their position in social media. Visit our about us page to discover more about our history.

What we do?

From supporting "Start-ups" with claiming usernames across all social platforms to assisting an artist with PR placements for their upcoming debut, our services are geared on fostering growth. We also enjoy writing about what we do, so be sure to check out our blog!

No more uncertainty!

Don’t waste time pondering. Got questions? Here we are! We react within 24 hours to all emails. No exclusions!

Our work... ​

We have had the pleasure of working with numerous marketing firms, social media experts, and businesses throughout the years. As a result, we have assisted dozens of startups in increasing their Instagram following from zero to one million. We've assisted countless brands in claiming their usernames on all social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp TikTok, and YouTube. Moreover, we have assisted numerous influencers, artists, and brands with social media verification.

Why FL Comms?

We stand by all of our services. Either we provide the complete service or we do not charge the customer. With us, it's all about outcomes! Despite the fact that numerous organizations claim to be able to execute these services, they are frequently unable to do so. In the meanwhile, the majority of organizations capable of providing these services have our support. Join forces with us now and receive assistance from a dependable and robust agency.

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