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PR for Influencers & Producers of Content

Let's work together to develop the social media you deserve!

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“PR in Forbes, Fortune and Entrepreneur! They did tons of great article placements! Totally recommend this..”

Barbara Brown

Feature your creative mind.

PR for Influencers & Producers of Content

Allow us to showcase you in the worldwide press and on venues where your creative ideas are prominent. Let's organize your appearance in several magazines and articles that appear in the international press.

The Process

Here is how our PR service for Influencers&Producers of Content works.



You can begin by choosing the magazines that interest you. We will want a brief paragraph of 200–300 words that includes the information you want in the article. Additionally, we'll need a few of excellent wide-angle pictures.



Then we'll draft articles for your approval. These articles would be pre-approved by the publishing editors. The article will then be placed in a publishing queue.



Your article will be published on the selected outlet within the time frame specified. If the selected publisher is Google News approved, your item may also display in the Google News section.


All services are 100% guaranteed. You only pay for results.


Let’s act!

Why Us?

100% Risk-Free. All of our services are covered by a warranty. Only success and outcomes are charged for!

Exemplary service. You will be assigned a dedicated manager to assist you in achieving your branding objectives.


Specific to you. We serve all of our clients, including individuals, businesses, agencies, and influencers.



Need help?

Contact us

Yes! We offer completely tailored PR services for startups and companies.Please contact us we can discuss a bespoke PR strategy.

We do not ask an upfront payment from existing partners. We expect a full upfront payment from new clients. Secure payment by VISA and MasterCard is available on our website. In addition, we accept bitcoin payments.

No! Our service pitches presses to online news outlets. The authors, journalists, and contributors publish just what they’re comfortable with and follow the site’s criteria.

Always! We will guarantee a placement once we have confirmed your brand narrative with editors. There are no fees if we are unable to deliver the item to the intended location.

We’ll reimburse your money if we can’t deliver the service. No refunds are given once the service is delivered and the article is published.

Lets start to get to know you .Please complete the entirety of the information requested on our form for PR assistance, and we will contact you as soon as we can.

Feature your creative mind!