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Get followers of Any Profile With One Click

Do you want to acquire highly engaged Instagram followers? We are delighted to be of assistance.

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“Fresh Engagements has helped me with all my social media branding needs. Recently we just did a growth campaign that got me over 10K followers on Instagram!”

Laurine Harber

There will be no bot accounts or inactive users! We have extremely engaging accounts to assist you. We guarantee it.

Greetings to your Genuine and Organic Instagram followers!

Having a small number of genuine and engaged Instagram followers is preferable than having millions of bots and inactive followers. Our group here at has devised a method for Instagram that integrates actual users with a high level of engagement.

The Process

Here is how our organic growth for Instagram works.



Our general rule of thumb is that in order to begin working with a profile, it must first have at least 10,000 followers and more than 30 posts already published. In order for the service that we give to be of a high standard, the quality of your profile, as well as our ability to be successful, is directly proportional to how well it is.



The process begins with us studying 10-15 profiles that are in the same niche and location as you. We then target the followers of these profiles via a DM from a network of our profiles. The DM simply introduces your profile to these target accounts.



To make the procedure work, we first look at the profiles that have the same status as you. As a result of this condition, we establish our goal and audience via the network.


All services are 100% guaranteed. You only pay for results.

Micro Campaign


No credit card required.

Tera Campaign


No credit card required.

Zeta Campaign


No credit card required.


Let’s act!

Why Us?

100% Risk-Free. All of our services are covered by a warranty. Only success and outcomes are charged for!

World-class service. You’ll get dedicated managers to help you realize your branding goals.


The fastest interaction! We value time and our work, and we work hard for it.



Need help?

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No, we don’t require your login details. All we need is a public account, at least 1000+ followers, and 30+ posts.

With regard to the service we offer, there is no any risks.

We do not ask an upfront payment from existing partners. We expect a full upfront payment from new clients. Secure payment by VISA and MasterCard is available on our website. In addition, we accept bitcoin payments.

Although it has a slight drawback, our business can handle any issue. 🙂

For example, suppose you have a product promotion account. You provide us with a list of 5 accounts that are similar to yours and that you intend to target. We will search our database for current people with these accounts and send them a direct message advertising your page. They will send DMs to targeted accounts, and you will get followers as a result. Are you ready to grow your profile? Let’s contact us.

Absolutely. Whom you want to have as followers is completely up to you to pick. You provide us with a list of profiles whose followers you would want to target, and we will work exclusively with that list.


We’ll reimburse your money if we can’t deliver the service. No refunds are given once the service is delivered and the article is published.

Let’s start to get to know you .Please complete the entirety of the information requested on our form for PR assistance, and we will contact you as soon as we can.

Let's take your Instagram growth to the next level!