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About us

Verify your digital assets to gain a "thousand-step" advantage over your competition!

About FL Communications Consultant

FL Communications is a digital asset management agency that offers customized services to brands, companies, and people. It provides services to hundreds of organizations and individuals around the globe, particularly in the Middle East and Europe.

FL Communications works online and provides real-time communications tailored to dozens of countries by nature. As a result, many hours of the day are spent online.

Founder & Background

Furkan Lüleci launched FL Communications to strengthen, defend, and elevate the digital assets of brands and individuals.

Our founder, Furkan Lüleci, has served Intel, Microsoft, Letgo, Blablacar, and Happn with strategic consulting and brand marketing services for many years.

FL Communications Consultant, situated in London, continues to grow with the distinctive services it provides today.

70+ customers were serviced!

FL Communications Consultant