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What is Instagram Mother Slave Method? (Fan Page Growth Method)


Let’s speak about this really obscure technique called the Mother Slave Technique, which many people have heard about but few have ever used. The mother-child technique, the fan page method, and the DM method are some of the various names for the mother slave method. They are all the same person. The mother-slave strategy is without a doubt the most effective technique to increase the number of highly engaged, highly targeted, and authentic followers on Instagram. You’ll quickly see why it is much better than the giveaway growth approach.

Definition of the Mother-Slave System

Take a look at the breakdown below to see how it all goes down. To begin, we have our own account that we’d like to expand. This is the primary account. Consider the case of promoting a vacation blog on Instagram. This website is dedicated to documenting your journeys. You’ve amassed a few thousand subscribers and a few hundred posts. But you also know there are several accounts in your field that have millions of followers. You just care about one thing in this world: gaining as many fans as possible.

It seems like it ought to be a simple job. Because they are already interested in travel, this demographic is a natural fit for travel websites. That’s precisely what you have. What I wouldn’t give to be able to tell everyone I know about you! The greatest and most original material in the world won’t do you any good if nobody is seeing it. How then can we pique the attention of those who are already familiar with this field and get them to check out your website?

Put in the information for the “slave” accounts. We need only a few hundred or a few thousand Instagram accounts with direct message (DM) functionality so that we can automatically spread the word about you to all of the relevant communities. Let’s pretend for a second that you command a little army of a thousand Instagram profiles with the press of a button. Simply said, you may tell these 1000 accounts to send direct messages to a certain group of people, and they will obey your instruction. And the following are the slave accounts.

A basic introduction is sent through direct message (DM) to a large number of extremely specific profiles. A simple “Hey!” will do the trick. Your profile caught my eye since I saw you are a fan of several different travel blogs. I believe you’ll like the stuff over at @motheraccount, therefore I’m passing along their handle to you. Cheers!’

And there you go, that’s all there is to the method.

How do I configure this?

The thing that makes it complex is that. The only way to manage hundreds upon thousands of slave accounts is with a bespoke bot that can access each one individually. You must use a phone number and email address that are already in use with the service. Finally, a different proxy will be required for each individual account. If you aren’t a programming ninja with years of expertise tinkering with the IG API, it’s preferable to hire a marketing agency that already has the necessary infrastructure in place.

At flcommunications for instance, we have access to almost 1 million accounts for sending direct messages. Each day, we have the capacity to send up to ten million direct messages. Many of our customers have gone from nothing to a million in just a few short months. Obviously, this assumes a sizable amount of highly relevant, active, and organic followers.

Method of Fan Page Procedure

Fan page strategy is just another name for the mother-slave model. Your accounts don’t have to be called “slaves” if you don’t want them to be. The “fan pages” are like a traveling sales team advertising your business. Let’s dive into how this approach works and what materials you’ll need.

as a first step

You’ll want to get started with an account that has room to develop. To rephrase: a profile with a substantial amount of activity (50-100 posts). Several thousand devoted fans. And it has a wonderful style. Ten thousand followers is a far more desirable number than five hundred for most users to follow a profile. A profile that seems old and has hundreds of great posts will convert many more people than a one with only 10 posts. You understand what I’m trying to say.

The trick is to use social evidence. Before you begin the mother slave approach, make sure your profile has a flawless DP, bio, feed, and good amount of followers. A low conversion rate is the result of an unimpressive profile. To increase the appearance of popularity, buying 10,000 phony followers is perfectly OK. The more a profile’s social proof, the higher its conversion rate will be. A verified profile, for instance, converts far better than a standard one does. This is the very first stage, then. Get your online presence ready.

As a second step

Identifying your objectives. As for “targets,” we mean profiles that share your topic yet have a sizable and actively engaged following. Supposing you have a popular website dedicated to promoting travel, you may be an influencer. There are probably numerous popular travel sites that you follow and like reading. It’s crucial to locate prospective profiles that have high levels of interaction, comments, and participation. Since that’s ultimately your goal. Involving the audience! This phase entails locating 5-10 profiles that have a huge audience (100k-1m each) in the same niche as you and a high level of interaction. Moreover, they are the objects of your aim.

As a third step

We now provide a few DM text templates. A minimum of three distinct SMS messages is recommended. By comparing the results, we can find the most effective call to action. Keeping with our earlier example, let’s write some direct messages (DMs) targeting your audience as a travel influencer.

POST A: Hey! Since you seem to be interested in travel, I thought I’d recommend my friend’s profile on @motheraccount. Cheers!

RESPONSE B: Hey! It seems like you’re always on the go. Visit this site, @motheraccount; I bet you’ll like it. Thanks!

At this point, we create several drafts of potential DM text templates.

As a fourth step

Here we have the duties that the agency oversees and the work that the code ninjas accomplish. This is the stage at which the service provider compiles a list of all the profiles you’re interested in following. After that, inactive or inactive during the previous 30 day profiles will be removed from the list. By doing this, we can compile a list of people who are both currently online and likely to start conversations with other users.

Let’s assume @lostleblanc is one of your objectives as an example. In order to compile a list of active and likely to engage targets, the service provider will examine all of this profile’s followers and delete any inactive ones.

As a fifth step

For the sake of time, let’s review what we’ve done thus far. At the outset, we have created our own profile (the mother account). We’ve worked to ensure that it has an engaging bio, a beautiful design, and a sizable number of followers and posts. To continue, we have compiled a directory of rival profiles who also have a large number of active followers in the same field. Finally, we’ve created some sample direct messages to use as a starting point. Finally, we have eliminated all the people who follow our target profiles and replaced them with a group of recently active individuals.

The last stage is to employ the army of slave accounts to broadcast our DM content to tens of thousands of specific profiles. People who get these messages are likely interested in following your account if it provides material that is similar to that of similar accounts they currently follow. Even more significant, the folks who get your DMs will look you up and only start following you if they’re interested in what you have to say. People aren’t following you because they want to, like in giveaway growth. They aren’t participating to “win” a cash reward or an iPhone; rather, they are showing their support for your account simply because they like it.

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